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Academic Research

committing to develop research in the area of social work and welfare. Several research institutions of the college, including the Social Work Research Center of MCA, China Children Social Work Research Center, National Social Work Certification Committee, and the Journal of Social Welfare are engaging in different research projects, textbooks and paper publishing and curriculum design. Vast of important researches on theory and policy of civil affairs and social work occur in the college, including the program on Chinese children social work co-conducted by both Ministry of Civil Affairs and the United Nations Children’s Fund, and research on national social work certification.

Training Programs for Professionals of Civil Affairs

With the support of training resources of MCA Training Center, which is the only state-level training agency regarding civil affairs, the college is committing to provide government staff with well-designed professional training courses, including training for new leaders in bureaus of civil affairs, community construction in the rural area, social work practice, and other related topics. Almost 10,000 professionals have received the training annually.

The Professional Practice Certificates Program of Civil Affairs

The Office of MCA Professional Practice Certification has been promoting the certificate programs for clinical practice regarding funeral service, prosthetics and orthotics manufacturing, elderly service, totally 11 special professionals in the area of civil affairs. 22.900 practitioners received the clinical licenses over the past three years, and the influence of the programs has been greatly grown.


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